Alternatives to Sauvignon Blanc (Special Offer)

Alternatives to Sauvignon Blanc (Special Offer)


1x Idaia Winery Ocean, Crete

1x Alpha Estate Florina, Greece

1x Montgomery Solaris, Wales

1x Vitese Zibbibo, Italy

1x Kaapzaitch Chenin Blanc, South Africa

1x Pikes White Mullet, Australia

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Idaia Winery, Ocean, Crete

Thrapsathiri is an ancient grape variety originating from Crete. It’s a bright and uplifting with delicate fruit aromas followed by a generous and spicy mouthful with hints of liquorice and pine and a refreshing herbal, saline finish.

Alpha Estate, Florina, Greece

Malagouzia – saved from extinction in the 1980’s this white wine grape is worth to try. With smooth, expressive palate, with notes of rose, tropical fruit flavours, along with a crisp bitter-citrus note. Vegan and vegetarian.

Montgomery Solaris, Wales

Montgomery is a family run vineyard in the heart of Montgomeryshire.

This signature wine from Solaris grape offers aromas of pear drops with an exotic tropical nose. On tasting, refreshing grapefruit, overlaid with delicate sweetness.

Vitese Zibibbo, Sicily, Italy

Zibibbo grape originates from Sicily, Italy. Lifted notes of succulent white peach and dried apricot combine with soft floral aromatics of Seville orange and jasmine and finishing on a peppery note.

Kaapzicht Chenin Blanc, South Africa

Supplies ripe quince, pineapple and stone fruit with interesting and delicious savoury undertones. The lightly textured palate has a hint of sweetness and a balancing crunchy acid, resulting in a brisk and lively finish.

Pikes White Mullet, Australia

Gentle, fresh aromas of citrus, stonefruit and tropical fruit with a hint of florals in the mix. Soft and light bodied with enough zingy acidity to balance the core of citrus / stone fruit flavours very nicely.