Vitese, Sicily, Grillo 2017

Vitese, Sicily, Grillo 2017


Grillo is the flagship of the Sicilian indigenous white varieties. A fresh and spicy wine with stone fruit and ginger flavours finishing on a refreshing lime note.

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Vintage - 2017

Country - Italy

Region - Sicily

Grape Varieties - Grillo 100%

Alcohol by volume - 12.5%

Bottle - 75cl

Grillo is famous for its role in the production of Marsala wines, but has recently come into its own as a varietal making light, fresh and citrussy wines. Here in these sun- drenched vineyards, the highest standards are attained through the use of innovative technology and the careful process of mapping the terroir according to the weather patterns, harvesting time, soils and vine age. The grapes undergo a sensory analysis and are manually harvested at the optimum maturity levels, according to the terroir and microclimate of the vineyard. Once picked, they are transferred into 20 kilogram containers, to prevent the grapes from being prematurely crushed. The vineyards are made up of distinct soil and climate conditions and range from sea-level up to 700 metres above sea level, imparting subtle complexity into the wine.

The grapes were hand-picked at their optimum maturity and then vinified in small stainless steel tanks to retain the freshness and purity of fruit. A soft pressing of the must took place at 12°C for 24 hours, followed by fermentation at 16°C with selected yeasts. The wine rested in tank for four months, preserving the aromatic characteristics, prior to its release.

Grillo is the flagship of Sicily's indigenous white varieties, with its aromatic and floral nose. Fresh and harmonious, with ripe melon and green apple flavours, a well- structured palate, the Vitese Grillo has a long and elegant finish. Wonderful served with fish based pasta dishes, delicate risottos or slow roasted lemon chicken.